If I were to come up with my own powers I’d like to have the ability to control people’s minds. That way I can manipulate them and make them thing what I want them to think. Sounds kind of dominant, but yeah, yeah, yeah. Another one would be telekinesis and time travel. I would be able to go back in time and fix my mistakes, even though that beats my whole motto of saying “Learn from your mistakes” but if I had the power, I wouldn’t be saying that. I’d be like “Fix your mistakes”. I’m kind of contradicting to myself, I know it’s crazy and weird. And telekinesis! C’mon! Who wouldn’t want that power?? Being able to move things with your mind. That’s pretty bad ass in my opinion. You wouldn’t even have to lift a finger when you’re moving into a new house and unpacking your things. One more! Pyrokinesis. Because starting fires with your mind could actually save your life! Put yourself in a situation where you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and the temperatures at night drop to -2 degrees or something like that. You’re gonna die of hypothermia. Unless you happen to start a fire to keep warm. I guess I would use my powers mostly for good, for the well being of myself, but I could use them for selfless reasons. Well yeah, there’s my powers. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with those powers. 



Don’t think of the wrong in your life.
Don’t count your problems, count your blessings.
Have you ever wondered what would happen
if you kept that optimism progressing?
Life wouldn’t take it’s toll on you.
Life wouldn’t be so cruel to you.
Understand that when you think positive
it’s the only way to keep yourself motivated.

Don’t count your problems, count your blessings.
Don’t end your life, try to make it better.
Keep your head up high.
Dream big, dream large, dream far. 

The New School

Welcome to the new school of performing arts. Here you will still have your regular school responsibilities. Homework, classwork, participation. You will also be required to take 3 years of math, 4 years of English, 3 years of a foreign language, and 2 years of Physical Education. However, we have included more performing arts courses. Choir, Acting, Stage hand, guitar, piano, dance, and a writing class where you will be taught to write song lyrics, scripts, and many other things. Of your choice of course. You will be able to get in without being musically talented, just as long as you at least try. Learning an instrument, at least one, will do you well. The same rules will apply of basic school dress-codes, and rules of bullying. Homophobia and racism will be considered an act of bullying which will result in suspension and or expulsion. 

You’re a Winner

I just won $1 billion dollars! The greatest part, I don’t have to pay tax on my winnings. So I have exactly $1 BILLION DOLLARS! What I will do with this money, well first, I’ll put some in a savings account for college in the fall. Then give some to my mom and my stepdad, my sister. My other family members who are in need of money. Donate some to a sex slavery foundation, because it’s really sad and I wish it didn’t exist. With the rest of the money I’ll probably put it in a checking account. Buy a new digital piano. There are endless possibilities that I can do with $1 billion dollars. If only it were true, I would document what I did with the money, and I hope that it would be good. Anyways, have a good day you guys!!! 🙂


Are we all living for the world?
Are we all living for a truth untold?
Are we living for other’s, their strength tied with us.
Are we all living for ourselves, a life of dreams to come.
Every breath we take for what purpose? 
Every move we make, has it just begun?
Are we all living to use up our time.
The time in that hour glass that gets smaller and smaller.
Was it all a lie?
Why we’re all living?
Are we living for ourselves? 
We’re like plants on shelves.
No one wants us, we’ll wither away.
Wither away into death, that maybe isn’t so far away. 



Well as of now there is only 19 minutes of Christmas left. I had a really enjoyable Christmas. I saw most of my family, the ones who I am close with. And you know, I think that’s the greatest thing about the holidays. Christmas especially. Nowadays people see it as a time to gather around and receive gifts. I mean, yeah, that’s what Christmas is known for but that’s not the only thing it should be known for. In today’s society a lot of children are just expecting more and more gifts. They completely lost the true meaning of Christmas. To just have a great time with your family around you. I think that is the greatest gift of all. That your family around you is still alive and sharing another holiday with you. I just hope that children will open their eyes and see that’s it’s not all about the gifts. It’s about family. That is the true meaning of Christmas. And on that note, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the last 13 minutes of it. Take care all of you people!!! 🙂 

Best Day Ever

My best day ever, considering it’s Christmas and all, you’d think that today would be. Mmm. No. My best day ever would consist of being able to relax. Not having anything to do. Having some quiet where I can write some music. Have loved ones in it. And more importantly away from home. It’s not that I don’t like home, it’s just that I’m here all the time and I want to be somewhere else for a change. That would be my best day ever! 


Cyber-bullying – Bullying through the use of electronic devices through social networking sites or text messages, emails, etc. You know, it is a dangerous world out there. Not everyone is good, and none of us are 100% sweet. We all have a mean bone in our body. Bullying is one of the many reasons why teenagers commit suicide. Nowadays bullying happens more behind a computer screen than it does in person. Why? Because people are learning that it’s easier to say more behind a computer screen rather than saying it face to face. People say things like “Why do people make cyber-bullying such a big deal? They can easily just delete the message or turn of the computer.”. Thing is, it’s not that easy. When someone is bullying you behind the screen it’s even harder to look away or ignore it. It’s there, and you get angry making it even more hard to just shut it off. It’ll happen again and again either way if it’s behind a computer. The person doesn’t care. They want you to show some sort of emotion and you eventually will because you will be angry or sad, even both. Cyber-bullying isn’t easy. Bullying isn’t easy, period. More importantly, it’s not okay to do. We’re all human, treat others the way you want to be treated. No one wants to be called obscene things through a computer screen. Unfortunately people will never see eye to eye on these kinds of things. Not in this society today. If you or someone else you know is being bullied through the computer head on over to this site. let your parents know what’s going on and let them help you. Don’t take your life away over things like this. On that note, Merry Christmas to you all. ❤ 🙂 

Daily Prompt: The Guilt that Haunts Me

A time I was overridden with guilt was when I said some mean things to a friend of mine. I didn’t mean any of it, I guess that happens when you’re angry.. We’re still friends, as close as ever, but every time I think about it, there will always be that feeling of guilt in the back of my mind. My heart will still feel that sharp pain knowing that I had hurt a friend. But the best thing is is to own up to your mistakes and apologize and you’ll no longer feel that guilt. Well at least unless you think about it again. No matter how many times I’m forgiven, I’ll still remember that I had said mean things and that guilt will never leave my mind.