Truth or Dare

I believe that it is possible to be “too honest”. For the fact that sometimes the truth is better off being hidden in the dark somewhere while you’re still believing in a beautiful lie. Some people like to hear the truth because it’s always easier to rip the bandage off and let it heal on it’s own. Rather than putting a bandage over a wound that is just gonna get infected with lie after lie. But sometimes, we’re better off not knowing the truth. This whole world would go insane if we all knew the truth. It’s quite impossible for everyone to just throw out the truth. 


2 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

  1. Lostguy25, a question for you. Does one prefer to believe in a beautiful lie because of fear/lack of courage/inability to use the skills to self reflect– or out of choice?

    • Hey, Dani20. Oh Lostguy35 btw. Anyways. Your question. Umm it sometimes is fear in the reasons why I’d rather believe a beautiful lie. I’m afraid to get hurt even though in a sense I’m getting hurt more by rather knowing a lie that is what I want opposed to a truth that’ll tear me to shreds. But most of the time, I do ask for the truth, other times, small things that I don’t want to believe I kinda just force it out. I know that’s bad. But I’m young, I’ll learn.

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