If I were to come up with my own powers I’d like to have the ability to control people’s minds. That way I can manipulate them and make them thing what I want them to think. Sounds kind of dominant, but yeah, yeah, yeah. Another one would be telekinesis and time travel. I would be able to go back in time and fix my mistakes, even though that beats my whole motto of saying “Learn from your mistakes” but if I had the power, I wouldn’t be saying that. I’d be like “Fix your mistakes”. I’m kind of contradicting to myself, I know it’s crazy and weird. And telekinesis! C’mon! Who wouldn’t want that power?? Being able to move things with your mind. That’s pretty bad ass in my opinion. You wouldn’t even have to lift a finger when you’re moving into a new house and unpacking your things. One more! Pyrokinesis. Because starting fires with your mind could actually save your life! Put yourself in a situation where you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and the temperatures at night drop to -2 degrees or something like that. You’re gonna die of hypothermia. Unless you happen to start a fire to keep warm. I guess I would use my powers mostly for good, for the well being of myself, but I could use them for selfless reasons. Well yeah, there’s my powers. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with those powers. 


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