The New School

Welcome to the new school of performing arts. Here you will still have your regular school responsibilities. Homework, classwork, participation. You will also be required to take 3 years of math, 4 years of English, 3 years of a foreign language, and 2 years of Physical Education. However, we have included more performing arts courses. Choir, Acting, Stage hand, guitar, piano, dance, and a writing class where you will be taught to write song lyrics, scripts, and many other things. Of your choice of course. You will be able to get in without being musically talented, just as long as you at least try. Learning an instrument, at least one, will do you well. The same rules will apply of basic school dress-codes, and rules of bullying. Homophobia and racism will be considered an act of bullying which will result in suspension and or expulsion. 


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