You’re a Winner

I just won $1 billion dollars! The greatest part, I don’t have to pay tax on my winnings. So I have exactly $1 BILLION DOLLARS! What I will do with this money, well first, I’ll put some in a savings account for college in the fall. Then give some to my mom and my stepdad, my sister. My other family members who are in need of money. Donate some to a sex slavery foundation, because it’s really sad and I wish it didn’t exist. With the rest of the money I’ll probably put it in a checking account. Buy a new digital piano. There are endless possibilities that I can do with $1 billion dollars. If only it were true, I would document what I did with the money, and I hope that it would be good. Anyways, have a good day you guys!!! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “You’re a Winner

  1. I have actually played this game while suffering from insomnia. Here’s my plan. I would first divide 30% up among my favorite charities. I would give each of my adult children 100,000 dollars, then I would put the rest in the bank and dole it out to myself for a comfortable though not extravert living. I would however, make a trip to Ireland, Australia, ad new Zealand. it’s at this point I usually fall to sleep.

    • Man, that’s great. πŸ™‚ I wish I could imagine all this stuff when I can’t sleep. Unfortunately, my teenage mind is scattered all over the place.. I’m unable to focus on one thing. I love your plan though, maybe you should win $1 billion dollars. I can imagine you’ll make the world change. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a lot of $$$. I see charitable trusts sponsoring many PBS
    programs, so I’d find first a law firm to set one up. I’d select a
    board of directors to discuss focus where significant impacts
    within a narrow field of interest could be made. Lots of grants
    to 501 C 3 groups. Salaries to a small staff would allow in depth
    guidance and furnish me a salary to live fairly well and to contact
    other trusts (Like Getty trust) to learn facets of this new venture.

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