Cyber-bullying – Bullying through the use of electronic devices through social networking sites or text messages, emails, etc. You know, it is a dangerous world out there. Not everyone is good, and none of us are 100% sweet. We all have a mean bone in our body. Bullying is one of the many reasons why teenagers commit suicide. Nowadays bullying happens more behind a computer screen than it does in person. Why? Because people are learning that it’s easier to say more behind a computer screen rather than saying it face to face. People say things like “Why do people make cyber-bullying such a big deal? They can easily just delete the message or turn of the computer.”. Thing is, it’s not that easy. When someone is bullying you behind the screen it’s even harder to look away or ignore it. It’s there, and you get angry making it even more hard to just shut it off. It’ll happen again and again either way if it’s behind a computer. The person doesn’t care. They want you to show some sort of emotion and you eventually will because you will be angry or sad, even both. Cyber-bullying isn’t easy. Bullying isn’t easy, period. More importantly, it’s not okay to do. We’re all human, treat others the way you want to be treated. No one wants to be called obscene things through a computer screen. Unfortunately people will never see eye to eye on these kinds of things. Not in this society today. If you or someone else you know is being bullied through the computer head on over to this site. let your parents know what’s going on and let them help you. Don’t take your life away over things like this. On that note, Merry Christmas to you all. ❤ 🙂 


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