High School (Throughout the years)

So coming from a High School senior I have experienced a lot in my high school years. I remember freshmen year I was a little bit on the crazy side. Kinda tried to fit into that whole “emo” lifestyle. I remember strictly listening to heavy rock just so I could fit in with the rest of the kids. So that was 2010-2011. In May of 2011 I found out I was moving to Manteca, CA. Only 4 or 5 cities away from my hometown, Union City. So I started a whole new school year at a new school. My sophomore year of high school! When I first started I remember being scared. I didn’t know anyone and for brunch and lunch I sat by myself. After the 2nd day of school (which was really my 1st day of school), I stayed up till 3 AM crying. I missed my friends. I was sad and stuff. I had to recollect myself. Around my 3rd week I met my first friend. After that, I started getting more friends and everything was okay. Oh! Then I got my first girlfriend in Manteca. 😀 My Junior year. Wow, I changed a lot that year. I was hanging with the wrong people sort of. I was attracting negative energy from all around me and I was absorbing it. I started ignoring my family and even breaking rules to hang out with friends. Yeah, typical teenager I suppose. Towards the end of my junior year I finally let go of all the friends that I felt didn’t deserve me. I finally got the balls to let go of the people who I didn’t need in life. Now, we’re onto my senior year. I’ve changed a lot this year as well. Getting in trouble with the law (long story) to making some better friends. I even got comfortable in my own skin to embrace my talent and take part in the school musical “Beauty and the Beast”. I didn’t get a huge role, Bookseller, but hey it’s something. And I’m gonna work hard for it. Well… I don’t know if this blog really had anything to do with high school. It was more about my personal life… so I’m gonna add some more to the title. Throughout the years.. that’s much better. 


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