The wonders of S**

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been here in a while. Just been busy and stuff, that’s all. Anyways, I’ve come to a wonderful topic that I’m sure all of you would love to read about. So, today, my topic is about sex. Sex is such a sacred thing, well it was a sacred thing back then. Now it is just thrown around and treated like a toy. Used and touched but never fully being used to it’s potential. Sex, is a thing among teenagers. It can be good, or bad. For the most part in teen lives it is bad. Now, is sex damaging to a relationship if it occurs too soon? Is it more likely that that couple won’t last as long? It will put stress on the relationship and just wear it down like a thin rope supporting a 100 ton piano? Or will it feed it hope for the relationship, add a sacred bond into it. Will it give it the spark it needs like the spark on a lighter that sets out the flame when the fluid sprays out? I’m very curious actually. Considering i’m around those years myself. Leave your answers down below! Thank you~



Fast Forward

If I could fast forward to any date in time it would have to be the day I get married, if I get married that is. I want to see who my love will be. And yes, I say love because I will love the person I marry. Maybe it’ll be the one I love now. I would also fast forward to the day that I’m a famous singer/musician in a band, or maybe solo. I would love for both of those things to happen and I would fast forward to the day they do happen. So I can scream in joy and pump my fist in victory. 

The Ravens

High above the grey sky
the ravens fly. 
As I’m being carried to the stake
I can’t help but tell my self, this is fate.
The ravens that are high
are also the ones who’s ashes went to the sky.
Watching over, watching over.
Waiting to see who will be next to join them.
As I get closer to the stake, I see its’ nothing but a stem.
My ashes will soon cover the sky.
The people will watch through their own eyes.
As another person is burned by their fate. 
Another raven joins the flock.
As they squeak out their “caws”
Giving a little mock.
The villagers will never know
That soon someday, they’ll met their fate as well. 
Pecked to the bone,
just as I was burned to the bone.


Signals to Attend

SabinaHere’s another 20 minute story using a deck of cards called The Storymatic I gave my daughter for Christmas. I drew two copper and two gold cards, and this post is the result. I won’t tell you what the cards said, but why not guess?

On the soldier’s last day, all the prisoners had been liberated save the one who refused to leave.

Everyone knew that prisoner well, as he’d been an author, he said, and told great swaths of his novel’s complicated plot in a stream of whispers like smoke. He always ended in snorted laughter and a promise to tell more later.

All the other soldiers left too. One remained behind because he’d volunteered, promising to stay long enough for someone to pick up the prisoner or for the prisoner to waste away at last or for the company to double back as they returned from their patrol…

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Love you/dislike you [Serious Post]

Have you ever loved someone so much. Like they’re the best thing that has ever happened in your life, one of the most amazing people whom could have ever walked into your life? But then not want to deal with them at the same time. Like sometimes you just want to punch them or tell them to leave you alone? Maybe sometimes even breaking it off? It’s the best things in life, that you also don’t want to have anything to do with. The best things in life, that you don’t want to have anymore.

Back to School

Well… Today is my first day back to High-School after my nice and comfortable winter break. Oh how I wish break was still going. Like it could have been 3 weeks rather and 2 weeks. Oh gosh, I’d feel so much better. Because right now I just want to lay in my warm, comfortable bed. However, on the bright side, I am very excited to see some friends that I haven’t seen since the last day before break. So I am excited about that. Oh! And school work. Believe it or not, I have actually been really looking forward to doing some school work again. Oh gosh,on second thought, I really do want to go back to school! TAKE ME THERE! TAKE ME THERE!
-Words from a lost guy~


When will my time come?
Will it be wasted away?
Will I just end up a scum?
Or will I end up to be what I always wanted?
To be a singer is all that I have ever wanted.
At the edge of seventeen, it hasn’t happened yet.
“Don’t give up on your dreams.” I tell myself.
I have decided to become my personal bet.
If I just dream and do my best to make it happen,
one day I’ll be up on stage singing and clappin’.
Oh, that’ll be the day.

Truth or Dare

I believe that it is possible to be “too honest”. For the fact that sometimes the truth is better off being hidden in the dark somewhere while you’re still believing in a beautiful lie. Some people like to hear the truth because it’s always easier to rip the bandage off and let it heal on it’s own. Rather than putting a bandage over a wound that is just gonna get infected with lie after lie. But sometimes, we’re better off not knowing the truth. This whole world would go insane if we all knew the truth. It’s quite impossible for everyone to just throw out the truth. 

The Outside

White and grey cover the sky. 
Rain falls from the corner of my eye.
The streets are empty, not even cars around.
My heart no longer beats, it doesn’t make not one sound.
Like the small town streets, I’m empty and alone.
I can’t even be compared to the coldness of a stone.
Like the colors of the sky, I’m so plain and simple.
But the simplest things hold full potential.
On the outside I appear dull like the sky.
But as the joyful day is shown
full of color, life, and happiness.
My blood still pumps and I look deep inside
I’m no longer alone.

written by Albert Seymore